A focus on quality, consistency and value has always been the driving factor behind The Custom Food Co.

 Since July 2009, our company has supplied speciality retail venues and food manufacturing facilities across Australia with a range of the highest quality 'chef-ready'sauces, dressings, bastes, marinades and our unique BBQ Grill Baste, all produced in a custom-designed HACCP accredited facility in Moorabbin VIC.

Our directors draw on the knowledge gained from over 30 years experience working in commercial kitchens as the foundation for providing cost effective, high quality recipes that are certified gluten free with an extended six-month shelf life and enhanced hot-hold stability.

 Our contracts include the supply of specialised ingredients for Australia’s largest bakery company as well as a national pizza chain and renowned condiment manufacturer. We also undertake large scale spice roasting and contract package liquid products for established food service providers.

At The Custom Food Co. we are about offering complete food solutions for your food retail or wholesale business.



Large-scale contract manufacturing of your existing products
Develop new products to meet a gap in your business
Development and manufacturing of core ingredients
Contract packaging of your existing products

At The Custom Food Co. the key to our success takes place before we commence manufacturing your product:

- When developing a product from concept we will work with you to fully understand your requirements so you obtain the product your market demands.

- Utilising your recipes we will transition ‘in-house kitchen’ products to larger commercial scale production meeting your wholesale or retail objectives.  Our goal is to deliver economies of scale & improve output quality from your recipe.

We take great pride in all our relationships and always take the time to understand your specific requirements so we can tailor a food solution best for your business.





At our HACCP premise located in Moorabbin (Vic) we produce our range of high quality ‘chef ready’ sauces.  Our recipes are based on years of restaurant experience & know-how, with modern food science then applied to enable us to offer a totally MSG/Gluten Free product range with extended shelf life and enhanced hot-hold stability.

Our product range includes Mushroom, Garlic, Pepper, Beef Gravy, Spicy BBQ Sauce, Red Wine Jus, Danish Blue Cheese and Mars Bar sauces.  In addition, our signature product BBQ Grill Baste is a light all purpose basting marinade formulated to complement char and flame grilled meats – perfect with burgers and steaks or any barbequed meal!

Contact us for a full product and price listing and for details on other products and recipes.

Alternatively we would love the opportunity to develop your unique sauce, marinade or dressing.



Diced red onions perfectly sautéed and caramelised with balsamic vinegar.

This product is standard packed in 5KG tamper proof catering pails.  Ideal as a key ingredient for other food products and highly suitable for use as a pizza/bread topping or simply used as a condiment.


All sauces, marinades, dressings & caramelised onions have a 6 month refrigerated shelf life.

All products listed are tested & proven to be gluten free.


 Beyond our core production lines of specialty sauces, we also assist in developing new products – and re-interpreting existing products – for established food service businesses in the Australian marketplace. This enables multi-venue operations to maintain the quality & consistency of product that their brand requires, whilst reducing the labour costs and inconsistency of product that multiple versions of in-house production always bring.



 Contact us directly on the details below...

Simon Marafioti Director of Operations - 0418 175 040 or

Dean Keran Director of Finance - 0408 732 290 or

Address:  1/24 Roberna Street, Moorabbin VIC 3189